Joy of Motion with Joyce Mortorano

- $184Integrated Dance and Tumble Class

Dance & Tumble Combo   

8 week session - $184                                                           

Fridays 12:30-1:15     

Start date begins October 6th                                                                             

Integrated and inclusive class for children ages 2-6 that introduces children to a wide variety of skills, including dance, gymnastics, balance beam, rhythmic play, creative expression, and the use various props

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Pre-K to Kindergarten

$360 - 14 Sessions

Class Dates and Times

Thursdays, 4pm

FALL Session

Start Date TBA

La Piazza Italian School offers a fantastic learning opportunity for Pre-K to Kindergarten aged children. The rubrics of spoken Italian will be practiced and enhanced through songs and stories,  modeled and explored as the children enter their make believe world of role play through weekly 45 minute classes. 


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Michaela Opolka Capellari

 Founder and Director of La Piazza Italian School

Michaela was born in an Italian-German bilingual family, and lived and studied entirely in Rome, Italy. After graduating in Classical Studies she studied Foreigner Languages and Literature of Roma Tre University, and Faculty of Interpreting and Translation at the University of International Studies of Rome.  Michaela has international experience in teaching languages (Ireland, Canada, USA). Michaela moved to the United States in 2012 where she used her expertise and experience to bring a genuine Italian cultural experience to New Jersey through the opening of La Piazza Italian School in 2017.

Mindfulness and Meditation

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Kindergarten through 6th

$20 per class

New classes posted each month.


If you want to help your child connect to their inner peace and joy, have them come join our group as we practice mediation and learn mindfulness techniques. We are three sisters who are on a journey to incorporate mindfulness into our lives. Our meetings are designed to share and encourage variety of mindfulness techniques to tap into our inner calm. Our goal is to empower one another!

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Karen Borenius

Certified Mediation Teacher

MA Technology

BA Teaching

NJ Teaching Certificate K-8

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Susan Flood 

MA Counseling and Group Facilitating

BA Sociology

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Candice Oberg-Wurst

MA Teaching

BA Psychology

NJ Teaching Certificate K-8